Concentrix & HMRC Information

There has been a lot of concerns and worries across the Internet about a company known as Concentrix who are working on behalf of HMRC to “check that people are receiving the correct amount of tax credits.” according to the Governments own information. For many people, they wont have heard of this company prior to receiving a letter from them claiming to be on behalf of HMRC. They are in fact an American company who have opened an office in Belfast to handle this work.

According to some reports in newspapers, it has been suggested that some staff have made claims that they have had very little training on how they tell the difference between genuine claims for Tax credits and fraudulent claims. This is actually quite shocking really seeing as any potential mistakes could lead to many people having to prove their innocence or worst still wrongly losing Tax credits.

Reports in the Independent suggest – “Staff working at Concentrix have told The Independent that they are under pressure to open between 40 and 50 new tax-credit investigations every day and often don’t have time to check whether the allegations they are making stack up.”

Many people receiving letters from Concentrix have voiced their concerns online about the letters potentially being hoaxes, since they were asking for details about their personal financial information such as bank and mortgage statements to be sent to the company within 30 days.

At Hylton-Potts, we have seen an increase in the number of people contacting us for information about their concerns relating to these letters. For many, it has become a very distressing time with the fear and uncertainty of not knowing if their claims will be judged fraudulent and their Tax credits stopped.

The information the Government is providing on their own website is that “Some tax credits customers will receive a letter that shows both HMRC and Concentrix logos. The letter will tell customers what they need to do, and the information they may need to provide. Concentrix may also contact customers by telephone.”

The issue for many people will no doubt be that scammers could play on this lack of information and knowledge, especially where people have ensured they have complied with HMRC requests to ensure they’re not claiming more than they should. There were newspaper reports of how a pregnant lady in America was quizzed over payments to the IRS (America’s version of HMRC) which left her upset and frightened, only for the scammer to have a change of heart and admit what he was doing and hang up. One of the biggest issues is that something like this could happen over here in the UK now with so many people unsure of who they are speaking to or where they go for help.

One of the first ports of call should be HMRC to verify the details of any letters if you’re unsure about the validity of the request. You may also wish to talk to us here at Hylton-Potts where we can help advise you on any potential action you may wish to consider moving forwards. We have many years experience of helping people just like you with cases from both HMRC and more recently Concentrix. No matter what your situation, we’re here to help you with a fast and friendly service. Our fixed fee service will ensure there are no more nasty surprises to look forward to.